Event: Community Gameday Spotlight: (PbP)Year of the Shadow Lodge

Community Gameday Spotlight: Year of the Shadow Lodge

A community led Play-by-Post Gameday featuring the Season Two Multi-Table Special, Year of the Shadow Lodge.

When: June 7th – July 20th, 2016

Event Coordinator: Shifty


A Pathfinder Society Special designed for Levels 1–11.

When a famous Pathfinder returns to the Grand Lodge in Absalom with a long sought after Azlanti artifact of power, the Society celebrates the achievement by throwing a massive party in Absalom’s arena. (And we all know how Pathfinder Society Parties tend to end.)

Written by Tim Hitchcock.

For more details and questions please see the PbP Mustering and Update Thread here:


If you need any assistance getting involved please contact Shifty, or email the Online VOs here.