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Summoner_Balazar_w200_h257Welcome to PFS Online Play.

The material below will help you get started in setting yourself up to run games online.  The material assumes you are starting from scratch – so we will walk through the initial setup that is required to get you going, and then transition into helping you choose what tools you would like to use, as well as some suggestions for running your first scenario online.

If you are an experienced PFS GM transitioning from local play to Online Play – please follow through the material below and pick up where you are comfortable.

If you have not played online before we suggest you play a couple of games first to get a feel for things before GMing online the first time.  This will give you a chance to transition into the digital realm and get a feel for things without the added pressure of GMing to go along with it.

[We suggest you find a game using Roll20 and a Google+ Hangout to start, as this has a low technical point of entry.  You can find a game here: <Insert link to PFS Online GL>]

Before you get Started:

Make sure you have read and completed the tasks detailed in the First Steps article.

Note: It is very important that PFS GMs are thoroughly familiar with the rules for PFS organized play, so please read/re-read the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play so that you are thoroughly versed in the rules specific to PFS.

Alrighty, now, let’s get started.

There are a few things every GM will need to do before running their first game.

One Time Setup and Decisions:

  1. Purchase the GM “Core Assumption” products. [Details]

  2. Create your Paizo PFS Event, for reporting. [Details]

  3. Decide what Virtual Table-Top (VTT) you will use. [Details]

  4. Decide what Voice Client you will use. [Details]

  5. Decide how you will manage player sign-ups. [Details]

  6. Determine how you will deliver Chronicle Sheets. [Details]

  7. Decide where and how you will post your games [Details]

Once you have determined your tool-set, how you will register your players, and where you will post your games you can move on to actually running your games.

…. <insert game guide here:>

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