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Fighter_Valeros_w200_h349So you have answered the call of the Decemvirate, the ten mysterious leaders of the Pathfinder Society, and you are ready to delve dungeons deep, and find trails uncharted – following the will of The Ten – facing the many enemies of The Society, and mysteries of the unknown.

This is your guide to help you get started building your first Pathfinder Society Agent, and then finding an online game to start making your mark on Golarion.

So you should have read the First Steps guide by now, and read the free Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play (no really, read it).  And now you are ready to build your first PC and find your first game Online.

The Guide to PFS Organized Play covers how to build your first PC in Chapter 2 “Character Creation”.

In Summary of the guide, you will follow the following steps:

  1. Determine your Ability Scores using a 20 point “Purchase”, or “Buy” [Details]
  2. Choose your Race [Details] and Class [Details]
  3. Determine your languages [See Race list above]
  4. Assign Skill Points [Details]
  5. Choose your Feats [Details]
  6. Select your Pathfinder Society Faction [Details]
  7. Select your Traits [Details] (Also see the Faction traits included in the Guide to Organized Play.)
  8. Pick your Alignment. (Evil Alignments are not allowed in PFS) [Details]
  9. Determine your Hit Points [See chapter 2 of the Guide to Organized Play to Determine starting HP by class]
  10. Buy your equipment.  (All PFS PCs start with 150gp)
  11. Add your finishing touches and back story.

Important Notice: In Pathfinder Society certain races, skills, feats, spells, classes, archetypes, and traits are not legal for PFS play.  To determine if your choices from the above process are legal for play, please read the Pathfinder Society Additional Resources Guide.  This guide will list the legal resources you can use in PFS, as well as the banned sections from those resources.  This is a very important guide to consult so you do not end up unable to play your PC in games.  You will also want to consult the PFS FAQ for clarifications and official rulings on PFS topics.

We also highly recommend buying, and reading, the Pathfinder Society Primer when getting started in PFS.  (It is worth the $9 US and is available as a PDF for immediate download.)  It will give you all the background on the Pathfinder Society you need to enrich your experience, as well as tips and tricks for surviving in the dangerous world of Golarion.  Buying the guide also gives you access to new Feats, Traits, and Spells.

Now you have a legal PFS character.  Head on over to your PFS account on and register your PC so GMs can report games against that PC’s PFS #.  You can do this by logging into your Paizo account [Here] and then clicking “Register a New Characterat the bottom of the page, after you log in.

One last step now.  because we are playing in the digital realm, you cannot just slide a written copy of your character sheet over to your GM for inspection, so we will need to create a digital version of your character sheet.  You can find the various suggestion for digitizing your Character Sheets in this article [Here].

So, you should now have a legal PFS character for play.  And we are sure you are ready to get started.

You can find listing for Online games in the official Paizo forum Pathfinder Society Grand Lodge of Online Play

For new players to Online Play we suggest finding a low level game using the free browser based Virtual Table Top and a Google+ Hangout for audio and Video.

So – that is it – you are on your way to fame and glory in the world of Pathfinder Society.

Well met, Pathfinder – May your Chronicles be many.

Want to Read more?  Getting Started: Your First PFS Session

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